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We were honored to have the elevator restoration project featured in the Checkered Owl Media film "Wooden Giant". Please check out the film to learn more about the grain elevators of the Peace Country and why we are working so hard to restore this last remaining "Wooden Giant" in Sexsmith.



Thank you again to Rew and his team for taking interest in our project and for creating this amazing documentary!


The Sexsmith & District Museum Society, in collaboration with the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation, engaged in this project to safeguard the last remaining elevator in Sexsmith. Once hailed as the “Grain Capital of the British Empire,” Sexsmith holds deep historical roots, which made the preservation of this site crucial for the town and its surrounding community.


Our objective is to restore the elevator to its full functionality, offering visitors a glimpse into the operations of a mid-twentieth-century grain elevator. The elevator will be accessible to the public, providing educational tours for schools and other interested parties.

The preservation was three phases, Re-shingling the roof, painting the exterior, thoroughly cleaning the building, and adding a protective coat on the bottom floor. Electricity and security have been installed. Some landscaping and addition of artifacts have also been completed. There is currently some work to be finished in the elevator office, however, we have been conducting tours with the assistance of retired elevator agents.

Our elevator has been historically designated, and is one of the last standing such icons in Northern Alberta. Because of its historical designation, it ensures eligibility for grants in the future. This elevator is now listed on the National and Provincial Registries of Historical Places, accessible online, and will continue to serve as a significant landmark in Sexsmith.

The Sexsmith Alberta Wheat Pool Grain Elevator was designated as a municipal historic resource by Alberta Culture in December 2020. 

Click "Read More" to see the listing on the Heritage Resources Management Information System:

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Roof Before.jpg



3. Re shingling the roof Heritage Roofing.JPG


We Received a matching grant from Alberta Historical Resources Foundation ($23,800)

Received matching grant from Alberta Historical Resources Foundation ($50,000)


Received grant from County of Grande Prairie  ($50,000.00


Quad Raffle Fundraiser ($22,000.00)


Rotary Cash & Camping Partnership  ($5,000)


Teepee Creek Stampede Association Partnership ($1500)

Received matching grant from Alberta Historical Resources ($50,000)


Received grant from GP Rotary ($50,000.00


Side x Side Raffle Fundraiser ($28,000.00)


Completion of Roof by Heritage Roofing


Elevator after paint.jpg

Completion of Painting by Kris Jennings (Prairie Access & Coating)


Completion of New Windows and Installation by Tevis Sample


Formally designated as a municipal historic resource by Alberta Culture


9. Elevator painting fun with Kris Jennings.JPG

Completion of interior cleaning by Kris Jennings (Prairie Access & Coating)


Received grant from the Heritage Preservation Partnership Program ($29,050.00)


Received grant from the County of Grande Prairie No.1 ($10,000.00)


Online Silent Auction Fundraiser ($18,000.00)


Bob Rycroft concert fundraiser ($7200.00)



International student Tour


Leif Lovrod and Mike Shnyruk (Agents) doing a Tour for the Grande Prairie Rotary.


Doug Spry, (Mayor) Kate Potter, and Doug Spry on a Tour


Bill Jones, Dennis Haglund, Mike Shmyruk and Leif Lovrod (Elevator Agents) on a Tour


Mike Shmyruk during a Tour

18. Elevator after cleaning (Prairie Access and Coatings) Kris Jennings

Inside After Cleaning

20. After cleaning (Prairie Access and Coatings) Kris Jennings

Elevator After Cleaning

19. After cleaning (Prairie Access and Coatings) Kris Jennings

Elevator After Cleaning


Elevator After Cleaning


The Sexsmith & District Museum Society operates as a non-profit entity, dependent on grants and donations to sustain building maintenance and ongoing projects. Our mission is to curate and preserve our community's history, showcasing significant events from our past through engaging displays. Your contributions are vital to ensuring the continued sustainability of our museum.


To donate to a specific project, or the museum in general, please contact:


Lynda Drysdale #780-831-1240



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