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The Sexsmith & District Museum Society, in partnership with the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation, is currently working to preserve the last remaining elevator in Sexsmith.

Sexsmith was once known as the "Grain Capital of the British Empire". We believe this site has great historical significance to the Town of Sexsmith and the surrounding community. The end goal is to have the elevator fully functional to show visitors how a mid-twentieth century grain elevator operated. Once completed, the elevator will be open to the public and will provide tours for the educational system. 

The preservation of the elevator will be completed in 2 phases. Phase one being the preservation of the exterior and cleaning of the interior, as well as installing the main electrical line to the elevator and security. Phase two being the development of the interior and the landscape. If preserved, Sexmith would have the only elevator in this region from that era.

The Sexsmith Alberta Wheat Pool Grain Elevator was designated as a municipal historic resource by Alberta Culture in December 2020. Click on the below link to see the listing on the Heritage Resources Management Information System:


Due to this, the elevator must be preserved in accordance to what a typical mid-twentieth century elevator would be built with. This increases the cost of preservation to the project, although it gives the benefit of applying for matching grant monies from the Alberta Historic Resources Foundation for future years. When designated, the elevator will be placed on the National (and provincial) register of Historic Places, and be accessed to their site over the intranet. This would also be in keeping the historic theme of Sexsmith and continue to be a landmark.

We were honored to have the elevator restoration project featured in the Checkered Owl Media film "Wooden Giant". Please check out the film to learn more about the grain elevators of the Peace Country and why we are working so hard to restore this last remaining "Wooden Giant" in Sexsmith. Thank you again to Rew and his team for taking interest in our project and for creating this amazing documentary!




Completion of interior cleaning by Kris Jennings and Crew

Received grant from the Heritage Preservation Partnership Program ($29,050.00)

Received grant from the County of Grande Prairie No.1 ($10,000.00)

Online Silent Auction Fundraiser ($18,000.00)

Bob Rycroft concert fundraiser ($7200.00)


Completion of Painting by Kris Jennings and Crew

Completion of New Windows and Installation by Tevis Sample

Formally designated as a municipal historic resource by Alberta Culture

Before                                                                             After

Elevator Before Paint.jpeg
1. Alberta Wheat Pool Elevator.JPG


Received matching grant from Alberta Historical Resources ($50,000)

Received grant from GP Rotary ($50,000.00) 

Side x Side Raffle Fundraiser  ($28,000.00)

Completion of Roof by Heritage Roofing

Before                                                                        After

Roof Before.jpg
Elevator after paint.jpg


Received matching grant from Alberta Historical Resources Foundation ($50,000?)

Received grant from County of Grande Prairie  ($50,000.00) 

Quad Raffle Fundraiser ($22,000.00)

Rottery Cash & Camping Partnership  ($5,000)

Teepee Creek Stampede Association Partnership ($1500)


Received matching grant from Alberta Historical Resources Foundation ($23,800)


The society has started an Elevator Preservation Committee and is working on fundraising money and gifts in kind to support the elevator preservation.

If you would like to donate in honor of an ancestor, we have set up a fund where if you donate $100.00 or more in memory of your loved one, they will be honored in a memorial book that will be placed in the elevator once it is operational.

Please note, the Sexsmith & District Museum Society is a non-profit organization.  Any donations greater than $20.00 will receive a tax receipt.

2018 Raffle Winners

The Sexsmith & District Museum Society held a raffle with all proceeds benefiting the Sexsmith Elevator Preservation Project.  The First Prize was an Outlander 450 Quad won by Nick Manning and the Second Prize was $1000.00 won by Michael Dembricki. The Sexsmith Museum raised over $20, 000.00 with this raffle, thank you to everyone who supported our cause and helped us sell tickets. We look forward to starting work on this project in 2019. 


2019 Raffle Winners

The Sexsmith & District Museum Society held another raffle this year and it was a huge success selling approximately 96% of printed tickets.


Congratulations to our 2019 raffle winners! The first prize of a Kubota side by side went to Henry Vos. 

The second prize of $1000 cash went to Ronnie Bankhead. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and supported the elevator project! 

Kubota Side by Side Winner 2019.jpg
Cash Prize 2019 (1).jpg
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